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  1. Effects of rising rural population density on smallholder agriculture in Kenya

    Jayne, T S, Muyanga, Milu, Food Policy, 2014 View full text Article
  2. Children Consuming Cassava as a Staple Food are at Risk for Inadequate Zinc, Iron, and Vitamin A Intake

    Gegios, Alison, Maziya-Dixon, Busie, Mbanaso, Ada, Manary, Mark J, Nungo, Rhoda, Egesi, Chedozie, Gichuki, Simon, Mallowa, Sally, Amthor, Rachel, Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, 2010 View full text Article
  3. BoLA-6*01301 and BoLA-6*01302, two allelic variants of the A18 haplotype, present the same epitope from the Tp1 antigen of Theileria parva

    Svitek, N, Nene, V, Steinaa, L, Awino, E, Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 2015 View full text Article
  4. Serological testing of cattle experimentally infected with Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides Small Colony using four different tests reveals a variety of seroconversion patterns

    Heller, Martin, Sachse, Konrad, Schubert, Evelyn, Jores, Jörg, BMC Veterinary Research, 2011 View full text Article
  5. Consuming cassava as a staple food places children 2-5 years old at risk for inadequate protein intake, an observational study in Kenya and Nigeria

    Mbanaso, Ada, Stephenson, Kevin, Gichuki, Simon, Amthor, Rachel, Mallowa, Sally, Maziya-Dixon, Busie, Nungo, Rhoda, Manary, Mark, Nutrition Journal, 2010 View full text Article
  6. Structural approaches to modeling the impact of climate change and adaptation technologies on crop yields and food security

    Cenacchi, Nicola, Islam, Shahnila, Robertson, Richard, Robinson, Sherman, Nedumaran, Swamikannu, Sulser, Timothy B, Gbegbelegbe, Sika, Hareau, Guy, Mason-D-Croz, Daniel, Wiebe, Keith, Kleinwechter, Ulrich, Global Food Security, 2016 View full text Article
  7. Leaf morphology in Cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp]: QTL analysis, physical mapping and identifying a candidate gene using synteny with model legume species

    Roberts, Philip A, Pottorff, Marti, Close, Timothy J, Fatokun, Christian, Ehlers, Jeffrey D, BMC Genomics, 2012 View full text Article
  8. Utilization of engineered resistance to viruses in crops of the developing world, with emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa

    Kreuze, Jan F, Valkonen, Jari PT, Current Opinion in Virology, 2017 View full text Article
  9. Consumers' preferences for animal-source foods and retail outlets: The case of Tanzania

    Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo, Mtimet, Nadhem, Nsiima, Longin, Baker, Derek, African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 2016 View full text Article
  10. From Best Fit Technologies to Best Fit Scaling: Incorporating and Evaluating Factors Affecting the Adoption of Grain Legumes in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Farrow, Andrew, et al., Experimental Agriculture, 2016 View full text Article